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Re: gcc as optional

#include <hallo.h>
* Santiago Vila [Tue, Jan 27 2004, 11:51:31PM]:

> The number of people not using the task system that would have to
> install gcc by hand after installing the default packages would be a
> lot greater than the number of people who currently deinstall gcc
> because of being shortof space, so I don't think making gcc optional
> would be a good idea.

Then follow this practive more consistently! Hell, I wonder why we ship
gcc but not other very relevant development packages like
kernel-headers-FOO (for the installed kernel) or libncurses-dev
(provided by the correct package).

I think we should not to do things by halves. When such service
(pre-installed compiler) is provided for the users, it should also be
ready for basic tasks (compile kernel modules or a new kernel, for
example). I think this all should be moved into an extra task. 

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