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Re: [debian-devel] Re: [debian-devel] Re: The stable/testing/unstable branches not a solution ?

Magos  writes:

> If we won't delay release because KDE: 
> -those who want to stick to stable will still have to use KDE 2,
>  so they see no difference
> -those who want to use newer KDE still have to use unstable, so
>  they also see no difference

You miss the point that people have been complaining about woody being
incredibly outdated, ever since KDE3 was out.  Trust me, we receive a
lot of complaints like this.  Releasing sarge without KDE3 would be
pretty insane, and would drive a lot of desktop users, including me,
away from Debian.

> -KDE maintainers will know that there is a time limit, so they
>  might feel more pressure to do their work. It has a positive impact
>  on their users.

KDE maintenance was pretty quiet for a while, but recently, it seems
interest and activity has increased.  However, the KDE packages are
huge, are part of lots of annoying dependency chains, contain a lot of
different programs and tools, many of which require some sort of
special handling.  Furthermore, upstream is pretty bad wrt. FHS,
Debian policy and building on the more rare architectures etc.  This
all means that the KDE packages require a lot of work to package. If
you are interested in helping out, you are very welcome.


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