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l10n tag in bugs.debian.org (was: Re: String freeze)

(Blind carbon copy to debian-debbugs)

On Wed, Jan 14, 2004 at 02:16:12AM +0100, Denis Barbier wrote:
> > If the i18n tag were added to the BTS, would there immediately be
> > requests for i18n-fr, i18n-de, etc. (or l10n-, more sensibly) tags?

Okay, there's almost zero chance of getting i18n-fr tags. It might happen
someday, but it won't happen soon. If you need a URL to say "list all the
bugs relevant to french translators", then tags aren't going to get you
that any time soon. Sorry. There's an alternative way of handling this
which works well, but isn't integrated into the control@ interface, so you
need some alternative mechanism of letting people modify the french bug
listing. FWIW, I'm very happy to talk to someone who's willing to write
such a control mechanism (web based, email based, ssh based, whatever)
that'll work for translators, and get it integrated into the BTS.

>   * An i18n team might want to keep an eye on all bugreports about
>     all languages to follow.  This can be hardly automated today.

Okay, so I've added a "l10n" tag, which is to annotate bug reports about
problems with a specific translation; but not i18n bugs in general.
That is, stuff that translators can reasonably be expected to fix,
as opposed to things like "add gettext support to foobar".

Please keep in contact with the BTS maintainers (Colin, Adam, Josip
and me) to make sure this is useful, and to work out how to do things
better. Also accept that "l10n:fr" tags of any sort almost certainly
aren't going to happen, although other things could be equally effective.


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