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Re: Debian Debconf Translation proposal ( again )

Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> wrote:
> Let me just share my experience with translations. For a long time I had a
> hell of a time getting complete translations for base-config, 
> Then I moved it from cvs.debian.org to alioth, and mentioned this on the
> debian-boot list and added all interested translators to the project. Now a
> month later, the released version is fully translated to ~20 languages. 
> Anyway, I'm obviously leaning a lot toward revision control with direct
> commit access for translators, and away from both the debian BTS as a
> way to get translations in, as well as away from the kind of idea
> proposed in the head of this thread.

It is nice that it works but I don't think this is an universal
solution. - If I just wanted to translate e.g. exim4 I would not
want to follow its development cycle and cvs commits, it is just too
much work and you might do work twice because you translate
unfinished work.

However I wonder whether it would make sense to setup a exim4-
please-translate-now list on alioth which translators can subscribe to
and which I'd send a message to with direct links to po- and pot-files
via alioth's cvsweb whenever I think it is sensible to invest time in
translation. Currently I (don't[1]) manage this with personal mail,
which puts new translators at a disadvantage, because they might
translate outdated versions.
                cu andreas

[1] Usually I manage to fail to give translators warnings in due time.
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