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Re: Debian Debconf Translation proposal ( again )

Colin Watson writes:

>> The point was, that if we could
>> prevent the maintainer having to add each translation to his
>> package, that would simplify things.

> For you, perhaps, but as a maintainer I'd feel obligated to go
> hunting around to check that these strange translations aren't too
> off-the-wall (for the languages I speak or recognize), and I'd get
> weird bug reports about them and be surprised because I didn't know
> the translations existed or be able to look in my revision control
> repository for them, etc., etc. 

Let's see.  Again, 50 is a reasonable number of languages for Debian
to support ( KDE has translations in about 78 languages, of which some
60 are more or less complete ), and we want the Debian system to be
able to deal with this.  Furthermore, let's say you can understand
more than 10 different languages - to some extent.  That leaves 40
other languages that you cannot "debug".  So in 80% of the cases, the
current scheme does not benefit you in debugging the sort of bugs
you're talking about.  So you believe that the other 20% of cases, are
worth making the lives of translators considerably more difficult.


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