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Re: Advice on how best to handle non-backwards compatibility

Hi Adrian, hi all others,

On 2004-01-07 15:58 +0100, Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder wrote:
> I hate debconf notices, personally. I feel this is exactly a case for
> NEWS.Debian (yes, I'm a happy apt-listchanges user... - IMHO that tool
> belongs installed by default).

It seems that there are two contrary opinions here...  Time for
discussion :-)

I don't have apt-listchanges installed because I don't want to be
bothered with every single change (new feature, bugfix, upstream
version, whatever) of every package every other day that I uprade.
IMHO less information is better information and I want messages
restricted to changes that break my system. If there are only few,
then I actually read them.

A consent would be to have apt-listchanges not display the Debian
changelog, but only the relevant portion of NEWS.Debian. But then
there would be no substantial difference between clicking
apt-listchanges output away and clicking a debconf note away.

Have a nice day and happy hacking!

Martin Pitt                 Debian GNU/Linux Developer
martin@piware.de                      mpitt@debian.org
http://www.piware.de             http://www.debian.org

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