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Re: python again (was: Bug#225999: ITP: debsync -- installed packages synchronization tool)

On Tue, Jan 06, 2004 at 11:33:09AM -0600, John Goerzen wrote:

 > Exactly, which is why I am so confused as to what all the fuss about
 > pyc and pyo files is all about.  They are optimizations, and the
 > programs work fine without them, and programs work fine with invalid
 > ones, too.

 One word: Emacs.  Even if I stopped using Emacs a long time ago, I
 remember fondly that the Emacs packages in Debian have always shown the
 existence of large amounts of cluons in the regions surrounding their

 Now for the off-topic:

 > The optimization gained gives Python a minimal edge over Perl in some
 > cases -- perhaps for CGI scripts --

 Is there something to backup that statement?  The only references I
 have are getting dated now and Python was... hmm... slow :-)  In fact I
 tend to stay away from python programs becuase the things take so damm
 long to start -- which is the only thing .py[co] files can help with.
 Once the program is loaded they can't actually make a difference, since
 the compiled version stored on disk is the same thing the interpreter
 generates when starting from just .py files.  With Perl you can
 generate code at run-time or defer the loading of modules, but that's
 not what you are talking about AFAICS.


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