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Re: MIA, Incompetent and holiday-loving maintainers (was: Request for NMUs.)

* Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org> [2003-12-31 12:54]:
> IIRC we used to have something called "Debian MIA Check" that was a sort
> of big brother for debian developers. It used to check mailing lists,
> BTS, vacation, IRC channels and so on ... It was a very useful tool IMO.

What you probably have in mind is echelon.  Echelon checks all Debian
mailing lists (including -devel-changes and so it also tracks uploads
and -bugs-dist so it tracks the BTS), so you can see when someone last
posted a message.  The echelon information is available through
Debian's LDAP.  IRC was never included.

While echelon is an important tool when looking for inactive
maintainers, there are more sources of information you have to take
into account.  I wrote some scripts to track inactive maintainers, and
developers can normally query that database to see what's up.  It's
currently not available because klecker is restricted, and I just
realized that we'll have to move qa (or least the mia) portion to
another host.

Anyway, there's a README which gives some more information about this
problem.  See http://qa.debian.org/~tbm/mia/README

Martin Michlmayr

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