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Re: Request for NMUs.

Hi Nathanael, hi all others,

On 2003-12-30 22:23 -0500, Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> this is a *long* list.  Perhaps developers could claim a few of these at 
> a time?

I'll try :-)

> #218290: libqt3-mt-dev needs dependencies updated.

I can do that. When I'm at it, I will also try to fix the four
important bugs on it.

> #217413: mtools was reading uninitialized memory; trivial fix.  (Given 
> the state of the package, a hijack wouldn't hurt, actually.)

This seems easy, I can do that as well.

It'll probably take me some days, I happen to have a party this night
(But maybe I'm not the only one :-) )

When I have done these, and your remaining list is not yet empty, I'll
report back.

Have a happy new year and have fun!


Martin Pitt                 Debian GNU/Linux Developer
martin@piware.de                      mpitt@debian.org
http://www.piware.de             http://www.debian.org

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