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Request for NMUs.

The following RC bugs on packages in sarge appear to have good, simple fixes, and have had them for a while, but their maintainers seem to be on vacation, busy, or something. They deserve NMUs. :-)

Reminder: if you're going to NMU an orphaned package, make a QA upload instead (normal version number, package maintainer set to debian-qa-packages@lists.debian.org)

If I were a DD, I might do all of these myself -- or I might not, since this is a *long* list. Perhaps developers could claim a few of these at a time?

#211860: cal3d needs 'configure' to be rebuilt with newer libtool, automake. Very safe NMU.

#190611: dpkg needs its Conflicts: updated.

#220399: gem needs new Build-Depends or Build-Conflicts related to linux-kernel-headers.

#221044: gnue-designer needs Build-Depends fix.

#207087: guile-oops needs up-to-date config.sub and config.guess

#223706: inetutils-ping needs some m4 quoting fixes in configure.ac (patch supplied), followed by a rebuild of 'configure' with autoconf 2.58.

#176192: kernel-image-sparc-2.4 needs the usual versioned debhelper build-depends.

#211240: libelfg0-dev needs its Conflicts: updated.

#218633: libooc-x11 needs rebuild against new libgc

#218634: libooc-xml needs rebuild against new libgc

#218290: libqt3-mt-dev needs dependencies updated.

#210406: libsdl1.2 needs a powerpc patch which is well tested.

#216747: lightning needs debhelper in Build-Depends, not just Build-Depends-Indep.

#213836: mesa's libtool isn't building right. Can be fixed in one of two ways, both with patches.

#223195: mps needs a build patch. This should actually not be NMUed; it should be QA-uploaded.

#217413: mtools was reading uninitialized memory; trivial fix. (Given the state of the package, a hijack wouldn't hurt, actually.)

#220575: netplan needs a trivial missing-header fix.

#204979: sxid needs to avoid timestamp skew problem

#201932 (aka #206910): vflib3 needs the usual libtool update for MIPS

#202528: xdrawchem needs the usual libtool/automake/autoconf update for MIPS. You'll also need to fix
#215406: xdrawchem needs dependencies
(which will presumably be fixable by trial and error.) Note that this should *not* be an NMU, but rather a QA upload; the "maintainer" hasn't uploaded since 2001 and there have been five consecutive NMUs since then. The package needs to be forcibly orphaned.

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