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Re: mozilla-* / myspell-* and their Provides: / Suggests:


Alexander Sack wrote:
> | mozilla-mailnews, etc.) recommended it.  If this is the case, then
> | myspell doesn't need to recommend such a package.  It isn't very
> | often that I pick a library to install, and then try to figure out
> | what packages I can install to use it.
> |
> Josh's point is exactly what I see. When installing ispell
> dictionaries, you won't get any out of it if you don't have ispell
> installed.
> But when installing myspell-dictonaries you simply want those
> applications making use of them to be enabled. Why would someone be
> urged to install a myspell-spellchecker, if he simply wants the
> dictionaries, e.g. he has a non .deb application that needs that
> dictionaries.

Here you are contradicting your own argument.
Why should installing ispell dictionaries on their own doesn't give
anything but installing myspell ones do?

To use ispell dictionaries you have to have ispell, to use myspell
dictionaries, you have to use mozilla-browser[-snapshot],
mozilla-thunderbird or openoffice.org (or hunspell).

Or do I miss something in your argument?

> With ispell it is a bit different, because applications wanting to
> integrate ispell support will use ispell & not the dictionaries on
> their own. So there is indeed a reason to require ispell.
> To make the dictionaries recommend myspell-spellchecker, would be
> equal to demand all applications that use ispell to provide
> ispell-spellchecker. Further this would lead to a policy that would
> any application using a library to additional add a provides:
> library-user & every 'library' to add depends library-user.

You are conrdadicting your own point again..
Didn't you say above that "external programs" just call ispell?

So we don't need an ispell-spellchecker virtual package on which the
ispell dictionaries have to depend on since they already depend on
ispell and that's what's used.

Or do I miss something again?

> So we should compare the recommends of ispell instead of the
> ispell-dictionary with the ones of myspell-dictionaries to make a
> consistent policy! Not myspell-dictionary vs ispell-dictionary

Parse error.


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