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mozilla-* / myspell-* and their Provides: / Suggests:

[ Cc' ing dictionaries-common devel list and the Maintainers of
  programs using myspell ]


me again with more mass-bug-filing potential :)

$ apt-cache show mozilla-browser | grep Provides:
Provides: www-browser, mozilla-1.3
$ apt-cache show mozilla-browser-snapshot | grep Provides:
Provides: www-browser, mozilla-browser
$ apt-cache show mozilla-thunderbird | grep Provides:
$ apt-cache show openoffice.org | grep Provides:
Provides: openoffice.org1.1, openoffice.org-thesaurus-en, openoffice.org-thesaurus, openoffice-de-en, openoffice-de


$ grep-available -FPackage myspell | grep Suggests | sort | uniq
Suggests: myspell-dictionary   <-- irrelevant for this problem; this is
                                   libmyspell-dev :)
Suggests: openoffice.org
Suggests: openoffice.org (>= 1.0.3-3)
Suggests: openoffice.org (>= 1.0.3-3), mozilla-spellchecker
Suggests: openoffice.org, mozilla-spellchecker

$ grep-available -FPackage myspell | grep Package: | grep -v lib | wc -l

So, as every ispell dictionary package depends on ispell it makes sense that
every myspell dictionary package Suggests or even Recommends one of the
packages using myspell for spellchecking (see first paragraph).

As you see in the second, this already is done, but not consistently and
it doesn't scale (e.g. mozilla-spellchecker isn't even provided by anything
so mozilla* aren't in fact suggested).

What I propose is that:

 a) mozilla-browser, mozilla-browser-snapshot, mozilla-thunderbird and
    openoffice.org provide myspell-spellchecker

 b) the myspell-* packages recommend myspell-spellchecker

Opinions? Should I file those 3 + 12 = 15 [1] bugs?
I am then going to change the DSDT policy to mention that practice,

[1] the others are packages where I am co-maintainer, so I could do that
    change myself...


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