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Re: mozilla-* / myspell-* and their Provides: / Suggests:

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| I don't seem to understand.  The only reason I can think of to
| install myspell is because some package (openoffice.org,
| mozilla-mailnews, etc.) recommended it.  If this is the case, then
| myspell doesn't need to recommend such a package.  It isn't very
| often that I pick a library to install, and then try to figure out
| what packages I can install to use it.
Josh's point is exactly what I see. When installing ispell
dictionaries, you won't get any out of it if you don't have ispell

But when installing myspell-dictonaries you simply want those
applications making use of them to be enabled. Why would someone be
urged to install a myspell-spellchecker, if he simply wants the
dictionaries, e.g. he has a non .deb application that needs that

With ispell it is a bit different, because applications wanting to
integrate ispell support will use ispell & not the dictionaries on
their own. So there is indeed a reason to require ispell.

To make the dictionaries recommend myspell-spellchecker, would be
equal to demand all applications that use ispell to provide
ispell-spellchecker. Further this would lead to a policy that would
any application using a library to additional add a provides:
library-user & every 'library' to add depends library-user.

So we should compare the recommends of ispell instead of the
ispell-dictionary with the ones of myspell-dictionaries to make a
consistent policy! Not myspell-dictionary vs ispell-dictionary

Just my two cents.


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