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Re: mozilla-* / myspell-* and their Provides: / Suggests:

On Tuesday 30 December 2003 07:21 pm, Rene Engelhard wrote:
> Hi,
> Alexander Sack wrote:
> > | a) mozilla-browser, mozilla-browser-snapshot, mozilla-thunderbird
> > | and openoffice.org provide myspell-spellchecker
> > |
> > | b) the myspell-* packages recommend myspell-spellchecker
> >
> > what will you get from this??
> > OK. You will be enabled to get all myspell enabled applications. If
> > this is in general desirable, than such a policy would make sense.
> That is my opinion ;)
> > Personally I never felt the need to get all myspell-spellchecker
> > enabled applications, but maybe I am wrong & the "provides
> > myspell-spellchecker" thing may be a good idea.
> Well, you are seeing it from the "wrong side"; you maintain a
> myspell-spellchecker enabled application and thinking from that side
> (I do, too).
> But what I am currently doing is thinking from the perspective of the
> myspell-* dictionary packages for which it makes sense to recommend
> the myspell-spellchecking-featured applications as much
> as the ispell dictionaries depend on ispell. A Depends is superfluous
> here since it then would install all 4 big packages which can't be the
> sense ;)
> Don't you think?
> Grüße/Regards,
> René

I don't seem to understand.  The only reason I can think of to install myspell 
is because some package (openoffice.org, mozilla-mailnews, etc.) recommended 
it.  If this is the case, then myspell doesn't need to recommend such a 
package.  It isn't very often that I pick a library to install, and then try 
to figure out what packages I can install to use it.


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