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Re: exim4-config and exim4-base installed on systems with non-exim-MTA

On Sun, Dec 07, 2003 at 09:53:11PM +0100, Marc Haber wrote:
> >So, why can't this be done without an exim4-config package in Debian, with
> >something like the following arrangement:
> >	exim4-daemon
> >		provides/conflicts: mail-transport-agent
> >		postinst:
> >			checks /etc/exim4
> >			if it doesn't exist, creates it, using debconf
> >	exim4-config-ilkserver:
> >		postinst:
> >			rm -rf /etc/exim4
> >			create /etc/exim4 according to desired config
> That looks like a bad hack.

It's a bad hack if it's difficult to maintain (doesn't seem to be),
or doesn't solve all the problems (may be). What you've currently
got is also a bad hack -- it gets exim stuff installed where it's not
wanted. The suggestion of listing every MTA specifically, rather than
usuing the virtual package we already have is also a pretty horrible hack.

> And it precludes the use of dpkg conffile handling for the config
> snippets in /etc/exim4/conf.d

Better to drop support for that than install exim4-base on non exim systems.

> And it doesn't solve the problem at hand, with exim4-base being
> installed on non-exim systems by dselect.

Have exim4-base and exim4-daemon depend on exact versions of each other,
and have exim4-base not have a postinst of its own.


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