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Re: exim4-config and exim4-base installed on systems with non-exim-MTA

* Marc Haber

 > Splitting up the config file in small files was necessary to do
 > debconf support, which is a Debian requirement.

  Debconf support is now required?  I'm flabbergasted.  Could you
 please point me to this section of our policy?  I certainly cannot
 find it.

* Tore Anderson

 >    - A exim4-base package containing the default debconf scripts,
 >      which installs a (monolithic) configuration file.

* Marc Haber

 > Please state how you intend to fulfill policy with that approach. Give
 > code examples.

  An existing code example from the top of my head would be the current
 xserver-xfree86 package's config and postinst scripts.  Another package
 which does much of the same thing, albeit in quite a different manner,
 is proftpd.  I'm sure there's many more.

  Would you and Andreas seriously consider modifying the Exim packages
 to the layout I suggested in my former post?  If so, I would be happy
 to spend some time developing a patch for this purpose.

Tore Anderson

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