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Re: make-kpkg question

On Sat, 2003-11-22 at 09:35, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> On Wed, 19 Nov 2003 10:46:52 -0700, Liberty Young <liberty@embeddedx86.com> said: 
> > I'm building kernels for an embedded x86 product, and I'm falling in
> > love with make-kpkg. My only problem is that make-kpkg
> > --added-modules pcmcia-cs kernel_image modules_image doesn't do a
> > depmod on the pcmcia-cs modules against the built kernel. I assume
> > others have not run into this problem as default debian startup
> > scripts do a depmod on the system...however, in an embedded product,
> > every second that can be spared is needed. My goal is to just have
> > make-kpkg build up images that can be just installed on a separate
> > file-system (Compact Flash in my case) without any other work..
> 	Umm, it does try a depmod on install:
> if ( -d "/lib/modules/$version" ) {
>   my $ret = system("depmod -a -F $realimageloc/System.map-$version $version");
>  ...
> }
> 	$realimageloc is generally /boot. 
> 	If you are installing on a chroot, that should work fine, I
>  would think.
> > Am i just missing something here, or is this truley just a 'feature
> > request' bug that should be submitted to the maintainers of
> > make-kpkg?
> 	If you provide some more details on how the kernel-imagfe-X.XX
>  .deb is installed, we may be able to help.
> 	manoj
> -- 
I'm installing by tarball.  Unfortunately, my embedded OS doesn't have
apt or dpkg (yet). I was thinking that make-kpkg modules_image or
kernel_image would include in the packaged .deb a modules.dep that would
include an updated modules.dep. 
I can see the logic in updating modules.dep during the install process,
and not having a modules.dep that accounts for both in the resulting
.deb from kernel/modules_image. Or is this a policy thing? 

Since it is an embedded distro without dpkg, I HAVE to provide both
tarballs as my main distribution method, along with .deb and .rpm via
fakeroot alien --to-tgz  kernel-image-X.XX.deb pcmcia-modules-X.xx.deb
after unpacking both tarballs into a ./foo directory, here's what is
"broken" :

$ cd lib/modules/2.4.22-2.3-ts/
$ ls kernel/drivers/net/ppp_async.o
$ grep 'ppp_async' modules.dep 
$ ls pcmcia/orinoco.o
$ grep 'orinoco' modules.dep

so, modules.dep has ppp_async, but not orinoco, which is from pcmcia-cs
modules (orinoco.o isn't there until i unpack the pcmcia-modules
This means that unless my embedded system does a depmod on bootup, then
things like 'modprobe orinoco' are going to fail. 

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