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Re: make-kpkg question

On Mon, 01 Dec 2003 11:16:53 -0700, Liberty Young <liberty@embeddedx86.com> said: 

> I'm installing by tarball.  Unfortunately, my embedded OS doesn't
> have apt or dpkg (yet). I was thinking that make-kpkg modules_image
> or kernel_image would include in the packaged .deb a modules.dep
> that would include an updated modules.dep.  I can see the logic in
> updating modules.dep during the install process, and not having a
> modules.dep that accounts for both in the resulting .deb from
> kernel/modules_image. Or is this a policy thing?

	Well, I can make it so that the kernel-image.deb contains a
 modules.dep that contains information about the modules in the .deb
 file itself; but integrating modules.dep information from third party
 modules would require more thought.

> Since it is an embedded distro without dpkg, I HAVE to provide both
> tarballs as my main distribution method, along with .deb and .rpm
> via alien.

> so, modules.dep has ppp_async, but not orinoco, which is from
> pcmcia-cs modules (orinoco.o isn't there until i unpack the
> pcmcia-modules tarball).  This means that unless my embedded system
> does a depmod on bootup, then things like 'modprobe orinoco' are
> going to fail.

	I'm open to suggestions.

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