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Re: Demudi.org

On Tue, 2003-12-02 at 02:06, Andrea Glorioso wrote:
> >>>>> "gg" == guenter geiger <geiger@xdv.org> writes:
>     gg> I think  I have to clear  up some  misconceptions here. At the
>     gg> beginning   of   this year  I   stopped  packaging  for demudi
>     gg> directly, and put all my packaging effort into making packages
>     gg> for Debian proper.  I did not say that I am launching a Debian
>     gg> multimedia subproject, I  just  said I would  support  whoever
>     gg> wants   to do so. (Obviously  nobody  did  yet) So please stop
>     gg> referring to me as the driving force behind Debian multimedia,
> I don't think I did - I just said that I discussed this issue with you
> and Marco Trevisani, wrt how  the AGNULA project and debian-multimedia
> could "coexist".  I don't think that's a false statement.
> If somehow my words suggested or implied  that you somehow took on the
> task  of "building" debian-multimedia, that's  just a result of me not
> being a native english speaker.  Sorry if that's the case.

Please don't take offence - it was most likely my comment that started
this. My comment was (slightly misinformed) expression of my desire, in

Anyway, thanks to all for the clarification.

>     gg> I am happy that the debian-multimedia list is what it is. A
>     gg> list for discussing multimedia applications and its special
>     gg> needs for Debian. If Demudi can profit from the work we are
>     gg> doing there, then it is good and what I hoped that it would
>     gg> be.
> I'd be  happy if the  reverse was  also true, and   that's why I wrote
> those few    lines.  No intent to  give   people more/less recognition
> and/or responsibility than they are aiming for.

Looks like we're all playing the same game. Good to see.


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