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Re: Integrate Knoppix in Debian (was: Re: Debian Enterprise?)

No need to Cc me on replies.

On Mon, Dec 01, 2003 at 10:12:05AM +0800, Niall Young wrote:
> > It should be possible to tell FAI about all the packages we want on our
> > LiveCD, do the install, then do similar stuff to what fai-bootcd does
> I'd rather do the install in userspace than need another disk for a full
> install as a pre-requisite to building a live CD, if that's what you
> meant.

I don't understand what you mean by "userspace". You seem to be using it
to talk about the existing directory structure, rather than partitioning,
formatting and mounting a new disk?

I'm assuming that anything you can do from a clean reboot from an FAI
NFS root, you should be able to do from an existing Debian install with
fai installed.

> > Surely fai-bootcd should be incorporated into fai proper, instead of
> > being a separate package?
> That was the original plan but woody wasn't suitable for this and fai
> isn't working with sarge yet.  

WTF? Whyever not?

> > Perhaps we can aim to get this working at linux.conf.au?
> Can't make it this year :-(



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