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Re: Integrate Knoppix in Debian (was: Re: Debian Enterprise?)

Niall Young <niall@chime.net.au> writes:
> Re: debix etc.  These sound awfully like mkinitrd-cd, which already does
> all the work of cdrom detection, pivot_root etc.  We've already got so
> many tools and groups working to accomplish the same thing, it would
> make more sense to agree on the goals and work together.  I recommend
> using FAI as the installer and use its class system, until d-i is ready
> for similar hooks.  Then it's just a matter of each group going off and
> defining their meta-distribution classes, we all use the same live CD
> creation script, same "install" method etc.

% apt-cache show mkinitrd-cd
W: Unable to locate package mkinitrd-cd
E: No packages found

Its i386 only? Debix aims at all archs.
But thanks for the pointer. I will check it out and compare it to the
cdrom detection used in d-i, which is what debix will be using too.


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