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Re: Integrate Knoppix in Debian (was: Re: Debian Enterprise?)

On Sat, 29 Nov 2003, Anthony Towns wrote:

> On Thu, Nov 27, 2003 at 11:26:31AM +0800, Niall Young wrote:
> > > Obviously it's non-trivial, but it should be possible to have debootstr=
> ap
> > > (or a similar tool) construct bootable Knoppix-esque CDs without any
> > > user-interaction IMO.
> > fai-bootcd almost does this (http://holbytla.org/fai/). =20
> Hrm. It seems to create a CD that can be used to automatically do a Debian
> install; what we want is kind-of the relfection of that: automatically
> create a CD that /is/ a Debian install.


> > Performing an FAI install into a chroot and building a live CD out this
> > filesystem is next on my list.

My point was that we can use the exact same classes to perform a full
install, or to create a live CD filesystem.  The live CD part is trivial,
it's just a matter of finding which packages don't play well with a
readonly root.  FAI's class concept should be merged into d-i.

> It should be possible to tell FAI about all the packages we want on our
> LiveCD, do the install, then do similar stuff to what fai-bootcd does

I'd rather do the install in userspace than need another disk for a full
install as a pre-requisite to building a live CD, if that's what you

> Surely fai-bootcd should be incorporated into fai proper, instead of
> being a separate package?

That was the original plan but woody wasn't suitable for this and fai
isn't working with sarge yet.  Perhaps one day, I'm just focused on
making it easy for people to install and test it at the moment.

> Perhaps we can aim to get this working at linux.conf.au?

Can't make it this year :-(

Re: debix etc.  These sound awfully like mkinitrd-cd, which already does
all the work of cdrom detection, pivot_root etc.  We've already got so
many tools and groups working to accomplish the same thing, it would
make more sense to agree on the goals and work together.  I recommend
using FAI as the installer and use its class system, until d-i is ready
for similar hooks.  Then it's just a matter of each group going off and
defining their meta-distribution classes, we all use the same live CD
creation script, same "install" method etc.

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