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Re: [RFC] adding system users: which is the best way??

Steve Greenland wrote:
> On 30-Nov-03, 09:23 (CST), Thomas Viehmann <tv@beamnet.de> wrote: 
>>If you absolutely want that, how about having a script on top of add
>>user manage the system uids. That could avoid reassigning UIDs as long
>>as it can and then ask the user about it (it could even reassign UIDs
>>upun reinstallation).
> If you're not going to re-use the ids (a good idea), then you might as
> well leave a username associated with it, so that the admin identify
> *why* it was used.
The point I like about removing the UIDs is that I prefer to consider
installation as a reversable process and purge the inverse. I'd give in
on reusing uids for the sake of security (and keeping a log of who used
what), but I'd rather have it outside /etc/passwd.
Your argument, on the other hand, would basically justify dropping
"purge" altogether (except of course in the case multiple packages
containing the same file)... I'm not a strong proponent of this type of
argument, but certainly it's out there.
Summary: I don't want to hide the information from the admin, but I'd
imagine there's a better place for historic uids than the list of
present users.



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