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Re: ftp.au.debian.org

Andrew Pollock wrote:
> G'day from Down Under :-)
> I have a personal preference for mirror.aarnet.edu.au because it's been
> around forever, and it's reliable. Of course there have been objections in
> the past due to the fact that it's inaccessible from outside .au

I've always used mirror.aarnet.edu.au (for years) in preference to 
ftp.au.debian.org (which pointed to planetmirror) because I've always found 
the aarnet mirror to be more reliable and I get better throughput from them 
(even though they're geographically further from me than planetmirror).

I guess it would be up to the mirror.aarnet ftpmasters though whether they 
wanted to be the official ftp.au.debian.org though.  Should it really matter 
thaty the official oz mirror is not available from outside oz? 

Stephen M. Gava <smig@users.sourceforge.net>

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