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Re: Preparation of Debian GNU/Linux 3.0r2 (II)


> I was talking (or at least, thinking) about unstable/testing. I think
> removing from *stable* is a much more serious matter. It ought only to
> happen if a plausible case can be made that keeping the package/file
> in the distribution can actively harm users and/or mirror operators.

We are handing over the worries on the mirror distributors hands; 
and Debian JP project is informed that at least one distributor
is distributing a modified copy of Debian as Debian CD after
removing the specific fonts.

Whether we should do it in upstream is a different matter, but
take an example; publishing a book with a Debian CD on it
with the discussed font included will not be acceptable corporate
behavior; thus they will remove the fonts from their distribution
of Debian.

As to your argument of having packages removed breaking scripts;
that would not be a problem for kochi, as long as kochi-replacement
fonts are installed to stable release.

Other fonts are problematic.


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