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Re: Integrate Knoppix in Debian (was: Re: Debian Enterprise?)

On Tue, 25 Nov 2003, Anthony Towns wrote:

> On Mon, Nov 24, 2003 at 10:34:45AM +0100, Benj. Mako Hill wrote:
> > At the very least, we can document the process of making these CDs and
> > we can work with whoever plans on packaging these.
> Is there a process for making these CDs from nothing more than debs
> downloaded from debian.org?
> Obviously it's non-trivial, but it should be possible to have debootstrap
> (or a similar tool) construct bootable Knoppix-esque CDs without any
> user-interaction IMO.

fai-bootcd almost does this (http://holbytla.org/fai/).  At the moment you can
define an FAI class description to replicate any host, fai-bootcd puts this onto
a bootable CD for non-interactive installs without network.  Performing an FAI
install into a chroot and building a live CD out this filesystem is next on my
list.  I've just requested sponsorship for fai-bootcd on debian-mentors... ;-)

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