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Re: Integrate Knoppix in Debian (was: Re: Debian Enterprise?)

On Wed, Nov 26, 2003 at 07:11:11PM +0100, Thomas Hood wrote:
> Info: I have a page that summarizes read-only root issues:
>     http://panopticon.csustan.edu/thood/readonly-root.html

Things like:

    * ifupdown writes to /etc... a bug?

aren't really relevant for this, since they can be "configured" out
of the way (in this case by making /etc/network/ifstate a symlink to
/var/run/ifupdown-state, and making sure /var/run is available early

This isn't a general solution, but it is enough to get livecd's working
(where you already know you're mounting /var as a ramdisk).

I do wonder if we wouldn't be better off just saying "/var will be mounted
by the time /etc/rcS.d/S40networking runs", even if that means systems
that NFS mount /var have to have special networking scripts they use
to do that. That makes the common case (where /var is a local disk or
a ramdisk) easy, but the uncommon case is still possible.


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