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Re: First pass all buildds before entering unstable

Op vr 21-11-2003, om 03:47 schreef Noah L. Meyerhans:
> It is true, but I think my point is still valid, though maybe on a
> different level.  If a particular language's compiler is not yet
> available on that architecture, then surely we won't be releasing
> packages containing programs written in that language on that platform!
> Thus, the package that needs that compiler to build can not legitimately
> claim an Architecture of "any".

Actually, it can. It is not the packages' fault that a compiler is not
available for that platform. Should the compiler ever be ported to a
given architecture, if the package did not specify "Architecture: any"
in its control file, there would be need for an updated package for no
reason other than to update the Architecture line. That's silly, because
it would require a recompile on all architecture, for no reason.

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