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Re: Build-depends for Rekall?

Tom <tb.31112.nospam@comcast.net> writes:

> This seems on topic for the list's stated purpose: "Discussion about 
> technical development topics."
> I'm trying to build rekall from rekallrevealed.org.  It seems like it's 
> going to have lots of build dependencies.  If anyone has ever built it 
> on debian, or can provide a probable list of build-depends I'll need, 
> I'd appreciate it.
> I've already done an "apt-get build-depends kcontrol".  I haven't made 
> any special effort to get postgres or mysql build-depends on my system.  
> (I intend to use it with the xbase driver for tiny personal databases).
> Thanks

Use a clean chroot with just base and build-essential. After that you
have to look for build errors or warnings thats some feature gets
disabled due to missing libs or programs.


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