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Re: ftpmaster accepts packages that have been rejected a few days ago

On Thu, 13 Nov 2003 22:14, Luca - De Whiskey's - De Vitis <luca@debian.org> 
> > Sorry, but this is crap. James is doing multiple jobs, several of
> > which are just about guaranteed to draw criticism and lots of people
> > not liking him. That's going to be part of the job when you're the
> > person who says "no"..
> What should you be sorry for if you refer to my mail as a crap? This is
> hypocrete. You could have written those few rows in a lot of adifferent
> ways instead of "this is crap". That's what i mean. Should i've been there
> in front of you, you'd probably have never told me such things in person.
> That's a pity.

Saying "this is crap" in response to something you strongly disagree with is 
pretty much standard practise in the Internet community.  It is done both 
online and off-line.

Anyone who wants to get involved in email debates or to go drinking with 
programmers should be able to handle such things.  If you can't handle such 
things then you shouldn't be criticising the social skills of other people.

The nature of our development process is somewhat combative.  If you search 
the archives of this list you will see many serious flame-wars, some of which 
produce positive outcomes.  You just have to learn to deal with these things.

Look on the bright side, having someone refer to your email as "crap" is 
better than being called a "nerd" at school, which I think happened to most 
people on this list and probably happened to you.  ;)

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