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Re: Package libc6-dev depends on linux-kernel-headers

On Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 11:21:11AM -0500, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 10:37:24PM +1100, Herbert Xu wrote:
> > Jonathan Dowland <jmtd@compsoc.dur.ac.uk> wrote:
> > > 
> > > In what situation would the linux-kernel-headers package be needed
> > > seperate from libc?
> > 
> > Ths issue is not whether it is needed separately from libc-dev, the
> > issue is that it comes from a different upstream source and thus is
> > best handled in a separate source package.  This requires it to be
> > in a different binary package too.
> Precisely.
> The original reason it was separated was because I wanted to maintain
> a separate set of .patch files for the Debian-local changes to the
> kernel headers.  This way was most convenient.  Also, most fixes to the
> kernel headers do not require glibc to be rebuilt.

Thank you both, that is then a perfectly reasonable and rational reason
to have seperate packages.

Jon Dowland

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