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Re: Brief descriptions in menu entries

> > I repeat: adding genericname to debian menu entries need not affect
> > menu-methods that don't want to use it, it's a simple and completely
> > painless transition and it allows non-native apps to integrate with a
> > feature that environments such as KDE and GNOME *already* provide.
> That's fine if the generic names show up as a tooltip or something on
> the menu item. Putting in the menu entry text it self is distracting and
> pointless.

I'm actually not that fussed - I'm not arguing about _how_ window
managers should use this information.  I'm simply arguing for it to be
added as a field to the debian menu system.

As it happens, KDE chooses to put them in the menu entry text; this is
upstream's decision.  If someone else wants to use it as tooltips, this
is fine by me as well.  How it's used does not need to be decided on a
global scale.

All I want is the genericname field added to the menu system.  That's all.

b. :)

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