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Re: [debian-devel] Re: [debian-devel] [Deb] Re: Localized bug reporting?

A levelezőm azt hiszi, hogy Anthony Towns a következőeket írta:
> Uh, I've missed the start of this thread, but I assume you're talking
> about having non-English bug reports. In that case you've missed a serious
> one: people can no longer look through the BTS and expect to be able to
> understand all the bugs they find.

I did not miss it. the issue is addressed. You better look up the

> Both those benefits seem to apply to having an entirely separate BTS, and
> the "serious architectural changes" are avoided. Presuming I've figured out
> what you're talking about, of course.

An entirely separate BTS is an option, but I think that having the bugs
in the Debian BTS does have benefits which justify the architectural
changes which I do not judge as serious. One benefit is the coherent
handling of the issue throughout all languages; it can be handled in
reportbug, so the user does not have to know what rules apply to her
language. The other is that native language and English bug reports can
be linked in the BTS, thus making the life of translators easier, and
in some cases giving more information for the interested parties.
It also makes room for other enhancements, for example if the maintainer
can indicate in the developer db the languages it accepts bug report in,
reportbug can look it up in the bts, and avoid unnecessary translations.

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