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Re: [debian-devel] MPEG 1 licensing


I would like to pint out that in the free world there is
no such thing that software patent, and we are dealing only
with free software.

So in the free world only the open source compliant licence
apply to any free software implementing any algorithm and
licenced with an open source comliant licence.

Fortunately Europe is free world in this sense, but there
is an ongoing legislation process on the swpat directive.
The parliament voted a good directive, but some say that
the Council will change it back to an even worse version
than the one everyone was nervous about.

Unfortunately the US is not in the free world, but there
is a recent report of FTC which did point out the problems
of the patent system, but failed to draw the consequences,
perhaps because of political reasons.

It is an opportunity for you to fight for your freedom,
which you are so proud of but don't have. Call your
congressman today!

A levelezőm azt hiszi, hogy Sridhar a következőeket írta:
> Hi,
> i had seen a query posted by u regarding the MPEG Patents.
> where can i get licensing information about About Mpeg 11 format.
> Is Mpeg 1 Licensed.
> should i buy a license to do MPEG1 Encoding or decoding in my software.
> www.mpela.com gives info on Mpeg 2 amd Mpeg 4 only.
> any info or links help wuold be appreciated.
> Regards
> Sridhar.D
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