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Re: Localized bug reporting?

Magosányi Árpád "(mag)" <mag@debian.org> said:

> Hi!
> Is there a known or planned way to report bugs in the Debian BTS in
> a non-english language?
> If not, here is a proposal:
> -create technical packages for each language for which there is a
> team which mediates with the developer.
> -modify reportbug to "detect" the language of the report. (detect=
>  there is a commandline switch or a question to determine the language.
>  The question is asked if the LC_MESSAGES category does not start with
>  "en_")
> -if there is a non-english language detected, the bug report is sent to
>  package <language> instead the real package.
> -the maintainers of the language package mediate the communication
> between the user and the package maintainer. It can be done either
> by a paralell bug issued against the package, or through translate-
> reassign-ask-reassign-translate-answer-translate-reassign cycles.
> I think that the question of whether to use the parallell bug or the
> translate-reassign approach can be postponed until some experience is
> gathered.
> Maybe the paralell bug approach is nicer, in which case there could be
> a way to tag its paralell to a bug (a reflective relationship),
> display an URL to it near the bug, and make bug control operations work
> on both bugs in paralell.
> What do you think of it?

It seems to me counterproductive. I think there's more time to waste
than profit to make from bug report translation.

And there is an obvious risk with your proposal: people will likely
think they can submit bug in their own tongue at no cost, while it has
an obvious extra cost in matter of time.

People should only send a bug report if they cannot at all do it in
English. I do not think there are so many people around able to fill a
meaningful report that cannot do it in English. 

I would prefer that translator team spend their time on getting the
whole system translated, which matters much more.

But this my very own opinion, nothing more.

Mathieu Roy

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