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Re: Source only uploads?

On Wed, Oct 29, 2003 at 09:18:56AM +0100, Sven Luther wrote:
> Yep, so please work on it,

I see you've diligently failed to notice revision 734.

> That said, i have submited all that is needed for the SDK patch
> upstream, i have sent a patch back then, the only thing missing is the
> needed work to actually build it, and even then, i posted something to
> the list a few weeks ago.


> If i go ahead, and send you a patch against 0pre1v4, will you apply it
> ?

You should know better than to ask for this sort of commitment.  I will
do my best to look it over, but I will not promise to apply a patch
sight unseen.  That would be a stupid policy and a betrayal of my
efforts to release high-quality packages.

> This will include the stuff i already commited to the upstream 4.3.0
> bugfix branch, and doesn't in any way influence stuff not related to
> the SDK (it is just a bunch of SDK related Imakefile fixes). The
> second part is the needed modification to build a xfree86-driver-sdk
> package containing a single tarball of the SDK to be unpacked wherever
> you want.

Debian packages that just ship tarballs to be "unpacked wherever you
want" seem pretty nasty to me.  If the best distribution format for
something is a .tar.gz, then I don't see why we should ship it as a
.deb instead.  Nevertheless I will attempt to discern whether that's
really the best approach in this particular case.

> I have not seen you make a single comment on this subject, and my
> patches went unanswered, beside of your mention that Daniel is working
> on them. 

DanielS seemed to care about the issue, so I delegated it to him.  Why
should I micromanage something I have delegated?  Is it your impression
that he has lost interest?  If so, then the task needs to be reassigned.

He did make a commit the other day that I don't fully understand yet,
telling people to "look for stuff in the attic".

> And you believe in making things more difficult for the DD, so as to
> separate the elite from the rest, or maybe those that have paid debian
> jobs from the others ?

I expect people who want me to do something to do a little better than
issuing a list of demands.  The vast majority of my work on XFree86 is
unpaid volunteer time, so I really don't know what you hope to achieve
by casting vague asperions about "paid Debian jobs" and "elites".

If there's an "elite" in Debian, I'm pretty sure I'm not a member of it.

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