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Re: Source only uploads?

On Wed, Oct 22, 2003 at 07:42:46PM +1000, Herbert Xu wrote:
> Joachim Breitner <debian@joachim-breitner.de> wrote:
> > 
> > what if we stick to our principle "the maintainer knows best" and
> > provide the infrastructure for source only uploads, but leave it to the
> > maintainer whether he wants to do so. Some here think buildd'ed packages
> I agree with the part about "the maintainer knowing best".
> But why waste time creating that infrastructure when those
> maintainers who need a clean build environment can already
> create their own chroots with minimal effort.

Because :

 1) sometimes pbuilder is broken, and thus not working.
 2) because pbuilder uses time and bandwith over a normal upload.
 3) because it saves time for maintainers. Most active maintainers are
 already rather overworked, so time saved for them will enable them to
 do more usefull stuff than something that could easily be spared them
 with minimal effort, like fixing RC bugs or working on debian-installer
 for example.


Sven Luther

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