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Re: status of Progeny projects

> | I agree that it is sometimes easier to throw away other people's work
> | and start from scratch, ignoring the developers who spent time on
> | this.  However, in this case, it is blatantly ignoring the goal to (a)
> | release sarge soon and (b) finish the debian-installer.

And your paragraph is false, and inherently backwards.

In fact, the d-i team thossed out other people's work and started from

In fact, Progeny took an existing installer and ported it. Making use of
existing work, and building upon its success.

Which means Progeny took the approach you are trying to lobby for, and
the d-i team is the one that should be bitched at.

Note, I am not trying to toss an egg at d-i, just pointing out the
irony in your logic.

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