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Re: status of Progeny projects

Scott C. Linnenbringer wrote:
> > Apart from "this does not help Debian at all" I wonder if the above
> > were anticipaged by Progeny.
> Why should it hinder anything? Now there's just two systems available to
> install Debian, one built specifically for Debian itself
> (debian-installer) and the other built from another system as an
> alternative (anaconda). What would be so problematic about competition?

Well, if only one person, who worked on the debian-installer, gets
distracted and even checks out Anaconda/dpkg, his work time is lost
for d-i and finishing d-i is slowed down.  Since I don't think that we
can keep d-i developers from Anaconda, I believe this will happen.

Correction: There are at least four systems to install Debian:
boot-floppies, debian-installer, PGI (although burried by Progeny
already) and Anaconda -- besides installers from demudi, Knoppix,
Libranet etc.

For me, the effort done by Progeny developers is nearly totally lost
and should really have been spent into debian-installer instead.
Maybe it's a win for them in the short term, but most probably in the
long-term.  Also, I don't think that they have helped Debian at all
with this work.



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