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Re: Testing/help needed - experimental glibc version

Le jeu 23/10/2003 à 04:10, GOTO Masanori a écrit :
> This wishlist needs a bit consideration.
> (1) We store locale setting for 2 files - /etc/environment,
>     /etc/default_locale.  Is it good idea?

That's why I suggest to make it temporarily. The locale setting could
also be read here by PAM.

> (2) Why do you need to read /etc/default_locale instead of
>     /etc/environment?  Is it hard to parse /etc/environment so hard?

It is not hard, but you have to be careful with the fact
/etc/environment can contain spaces.

> (3) I guess gdm issue is the locale dialog in the login screen.  Why
>     can't gdm read /etc/environment file?  If you mean it's easier to
>     read /etc/default_locale than to parse /etc/environment, yes it
>     may become one of the reason.  But does this change fix the gdm
>     issue?

Basically, the gdm maintainer refuses to include code to parse
/etc/environment. While I think parsing it would be a fine solution, I
also agree with the fact having a special file for this configuration
setting would be better.

If you have arguments that can convince Ryan to parse /etc/environment
until there is a cleaner solution, please show them. Having it not
localized correctly when it is so easy to achieve is slightly annoying -
but I fear Ryan is one of those English-speaking maintainers who don't
care about proper i18n.
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