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Re: Closing bugs such as 210560

On Wed, Oct 22, 2003 at 08:36:11PM -0500, Billy Biggs wrote:
>   Maybe it's worth investigating how these bug systems can be better
> integrated.  In the case of a large project like KDE, or even a small
> project with a strong bug system, it seems like this would help a lot.

This sounds to me like I really good idea.

For instance, it would be nice if I could send an E-Mail
(or even better; use a secure web based form):

--- cut ---
To: control@bugs.debian.org
Subject: test

forward #123456 KDE(....)
forward #123457 GNOME(....)
forward #123457 GCC(....)
--- cut ---

Which would automatically forward #123456 bug report to the KDE site,
provide additional information (...) if required (note: I haven't seen
the KDEs bug tracking system), and somehow link the two together.

I don't know how this could be done without developing and
implementing some standards along the way though.

(hmmm... I think XML+SOAP might be ideal here...)
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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