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Closing bugs such as 210560

Should Debian users be expected to forward their bug reports upstream instead 
of filing Debian bug reports?

Chris has closed many of my bug reports against kmail, including 210560 (see 
trivial demonstration of the bug below).


It has always been my understanding that bugs should be reported to the Debian 
developer.  That saves upstream being bothered in the case of Debian specific 
changes that break things, and it means that if a bug is noticed by 1000 
people at the same time they have a convenient place to look for reports to 
limit the instance of multiple reports.

If someone wants to go through all my KDE bug reports, figure out which ones 
haven't been fixed and file some upstream reports then that would probably be 
useful.  I don't have time for it at the moment and probably won't have time 
in the forseeable future.

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