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Re: Closing bugs such as 210560

Matt Zimmerman (mdz@debian.org):

> "...submitting upstream bugs to Debian BTS only slows down the
> packaging work by requiring the maintainer to act as a go between on
> the bug."
> Of course, it wastes a great deal more of upstream's time if the
> report ends up being specific to the Debian packaged version of the
> software, or only manifests itself on Debian systems (in the common
> case where upstream does not use Debian).

  I believe that most upstream developers want their software to work
well with as few distribution specific patches as possible.  It improves
the user experience and the ability to fix bugs.  Bug reports will come
from Debian users because they either don't know about or don't trust
Debian's own bug system (and who can blame them with stuff like this).

  I think many would welcome having Debian's bugs automatically filed
and closed in the upstream bug system as well as Debian's own system
(even just for letting users or developers search this database!).

  Maybe it's worth investigating how these bug systems can be better
integrated.  In the case of a large project like KDE, or even a small
project with a strong bug system, it seems like this would help a lot.


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