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Re: popsneaker vs. bandwidth consumption

richard@list03.atterer.net (Richard Atterer) writes:

> Of those packages in the archive, mailfilter is the best IMHO. However, I 
> ended up *not* using it because it doesn't support ANDing of conditions 
> AFAICT ("size > 100k AND header spelling "SUBJECT:").
Then maybe you should have a look at popsneaker. With popsneaker you
can filter your mail by assigning scores. Here's the relevant portion
of "/usr/share/doc/popsneaker/index-3.html":

----------- snip ---------------
The "score" filter rule changes the current score of a message by a given value
if the rule matches.

    score -10 "^subject: .*for free"

The "score_reset" instruction sets the score value back to 0. This can be
useful, if you have more than one block of independant score rules.

And the "score_eval" instruction makes a decision based upon the score value.
The condition is set via options, possible settings are:
    -lt <value>      True if the score is less than <value>.
    -le <value>      True if the score is less or equal <value>.
    -gt <value>      True if the score is greater than <value>.
    -ge <value>      True if the score is greater or equal <value>.

A short example:

    score +10 "^References: .*mydomain\.net"
    score +10 "^In-Reply-To: .*mydomain\.net"
    score -5  "^Content-Type: text/html"
    score -5  "^Message-ID: .*@127\.0\.0\.1"
    score -10 "^(to|cc): .*,.*,.*,.*,.*,"
    score_eval -gt 0 accept
    score_eval -lt 0 deny

    score -10 -case "^Subject: .*FREE"
    score -10 -case "^Subject: .*BUY"
    score -10 -case "^Subject: .*CASH"
    score -5  -case "^Subject: .*free"
    score -5  -case "^Subject: .*buy"
    score -5  -case "^Subject: .*cash"
    score_eval -lt 5 deny
----------- snip ---------------

popsneaker is Free Software (GPL'ed) according to the DFSG and is
freely available at "http://www.ixtools.de/popsneaker";.

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