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Re: popsneaker vs. bandwidth consumption

Paul Seelig <pseelig@uni-mainz.de> writes:

>> Of those packages in the archive, mailfilter is the best IMHO. However, I 
>> ended up *not* using it because it doesn't support ANDing of conditions 
>> AFAICT ("size > 100k AND header spelling "SUBJECT:").
> Then maybe you should have a look at popsneaker. With popsneaker you
> can filter your mail by assigning scores. Here's the relevant portion
> of "/usr/share/doc/popsneaker/index-3.html":

Naa, mailfilter can use scores too. (The one in unstable and testing,
not in stable, thats too old.)
(See man 5 mailfilterrc for details :) ).

Ah, and a fast fix for the actual worm is to set MAXSIZE_ALLOW to
something smaller than 140k.

> popsneaker is Free Software (GPL'ed) according to the DFSG and is
> freely available at "http://www.ixtools.de/popsneaker";.

Package it and ask -mentors for a sponsor.

bye Joerg
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