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Debian in a changeroot


I installed Debian in a changeroot environment to provide an "rsyncable" image 
for a computer pool. Updates and new programs can be installed easily by 
invoking dselect or apt-get in the changeroot. Replacing 
/sbin/start-stop-daemon permanently[1] (using dpkg-divert) with a shell 
skript that does nothing but exiting with a returncode of zero prevents most 
daemons from being (re)started during an update. But some init.d-scripts 
don't use the start-stop-daemon binary to start a daemon (e. g. bluez-sdp). 
This results in daemons running in the changeroot and may affect the same 
daemon running outside the changeroot.

Is there a recommended way to prevent daemons from being started in an 
changeroot during an update? Should I file a bug report against packages not 
using start-stop-daemon?


[1] This will be reverted during system startup on a target host

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