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Re: Debian in a changeroot

Joerg Platte wrote:
> Should I file a bug report against packages not using
> start-stop-daemon?

Policy says:

  The init.d scripts should ensure that they will behave sensibly if
  invoked with start when the service is already running, or with stop
  when it isn't, and that they don't kill unfortunately-named user
  processes. The best way to achieve this is usually to use

But that does not actually require it.  If someone wanted to they
could close the bug based upon the letter of the law.  But I would
probably file a BTS report on it regardless since it does not behave
well in the installation process otherwise and violates the spirit of
the law.

However I looked at the bluez-sdp source and it violates the "kill
unfortunately-named user processes" because it uses "killall $NAME" in
the script.  That would certainly warrant a bug report since it is a
policy violation.

The script for the daemon seems simple and direct.  The examples in
the policy document are also simple and direct.  Perhaps since you are
a user of this package and also motivated because you have this
problem that you could rewrite the start up script using
start-stop-daemon and submit a BTS report including a patch to fix the
problem.  Inclusion of a patch is always appreciated and carries more
weight than one without.  In the meantime your problem would be solved
since you would be testing the fixed package.  A win-win situation.


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