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Re: Should MUA only Recommend mail-transfer-agent?

On Wed, Aug 06, 2003 at 08:04:00AM -0700, Steve Lamb wrote:
> On Wed, 6 Aug 2003 09:27:10 -0500
> Steve Langasek <vorlon@netexpress.net> wrote:
> > And is a much better choice than expecting every user to locally
> > configure smtp settings in the MUA.  Lack of direct-SMTP support in mutt
> > is a good thing.

>     Yeah because entering "smtp.isp.com" is just so trying for most people. 
> And what if the local user wants to use a remote SMTP server for some reason? 
> Hmmmm.

Sorry, that's the admin's job to configure.  If the user and the
admin are one and the same, why does it matter if the configuration is
done in a local or a global config file?  (sudo dpkg-reconfigure ...)
And if the user is /not/ an admin, ... wasn't there a thread about
usability issues lurking here just a minute ago?

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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