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Re: debconf 2005 in Vienna, Austria

#include <hallo.h>
* Martin Schulze [Thu, Jul 31 2003, 08:26:53AM]:
> WhereverHeim... *lol*
> > Sunday evening : folks travel to Debcamp in Vienna, Austria
> > Monday-Friday : Debcamp
> > Saturday, Sunday : Debconf
> Sounds good.  Now LinuxTag manages to be at the end of the uni semester
> and Debcamp+-conf will be at the start of the lecture-less time, students
> are able to attend.  This worked for debconf (except for me *grumble*)

This depends heavily on the university where you are, and on the exam
system. If you are lucky and have relaxed one[1], you can afford to
disappear for 4-5 days if you have the exams every two weeks or so. With
the new (and braindead) exam systems, you have all exams in 1..2 weeks
at the end of the term, so you do not have much spare time before, no
time in-between, and not a single series of days after since you should
to be there to the inspections which normally happens on some random day
of the week.

[1] "entspannte Uni oder sog. alte Prüfungsordnung"

> this year.  I'm mentioning this since I've heard from several students
> that they hated us for not being able to attend LinuxTag since it's in
> the middle of the exam-period at the end of the semester.

Yep. Somewhen at the end of August or September would be much better,

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