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debconf 2005 in Vienna, Austria


I'd like to start organizing the debconf for the year 2005 in Vienna,
Austria.  Why that early announce?  So we have time enough to find
sponsors, get the location fixed and find the time to raise the money
needed for the travels and such.  And 2005 because this years debconf
has been in europe and 2004 should be on a different continent (Asia,
America, Australia -- there are many nice places that start with A :-)

 Why Vienna, Austria?  Because it is a quite central place in europe,
it isn't that expensive like Oslo, and I also want to be able to visit
a debconf myself, of course ,-)

 Yes, I know, oranizing isn't only fun but mainly much much work. I have
already discussed with some people that are willing to help me there, on
which I can count.

 If you think it is a really bad idea please step forward and _explain_.
A simple "I don't like it there" will be simply ignored if there are no
reasons attached to it.

 Of course the date hasn't been decided yet, but I guess it will be
around the same time like the last two: in july, with no conflict with
other important events.

 So long, and thanks for the attention.
Alfie [prepared to be called a dreamer/moron/whatever]
P.S.: It would be more than helpful if someone can write a report about
   this years debconf for the events page that we can take a look at to
   see how to make it right ,)
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